Area Rug Cleaning in Palm Beach and Broward Fl

Area rugs are the perfect accents to a South Florida home. They add beauty and boldness to your living spaces and soften the steps beneath you. Your area rugs are some of your home’s most precious investments. You protect and care for your rugs, but nothing can prevent them from taking the beating of everyday wear. Periodically you need your area rug professionally cleaned. Advanced carpet has years of experience caring for Florida residents’ finest rugs including Palm Beach, Wellington, Coral Springs, and Parkland.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning is a Regular Part of Your Rug Maintenance

Area rugs should be cleaned by vacuuming regularly. Pet hair can get stuck in vacuum cleaners, so a stiff brush is often a better solution to removing pet hair from an area rug. Rotating your rugs a couple of times a year is a good way to prevent extra fading and wear caused by sunlight and tread patterns. Still, keeping your area rugs bold and bright requires a good, thorough cleaning one to two times per year. While many are tempted by do-it-yourself remedies and chemicals available at home-improvement and department stores, these procedures come at a great risk. The delicate fibers of your fine area rugs can be easily damaged if not cared for properly. Even chemicals that claim to be safe for the fibers of your rug can cause dyes to bleed and harm the soft qualities of your rug’s fibers when the proper temperatures and techniques are not applied. Each of our technicians are specially trained to inspect your rug prior to any cleaning process in order to determine the types of fibers and dyes that make up your rug, as well as your rug’s structure and any conditions that may require extra care or attention. We perform fiber and dye tests at our facility in order to determine the best possible process to use to give your rugs the most immaculate shine possible while assuring damage-free results every time. With diverse methods of cleaning specifically designed for your rug’s unique blend of materials, we can restore your rug’s beauty and brightness and bring the sparkle back to your home.

Trust the Advanced Carpet Experts With Your Next Area Rug Cleaning!

Area rug cleaning can be a hassle and a headache. You don’t need to risk damaging your rugs with at-home procedures in order to restore their beauty! ACU has the best tools and techniques to provide a careful and professional clean every time. Schedule an area rug cleaning with ACU today!

An area rug cleaning by ACU restores your area rugs with special techniques to preserve its distinct colors
ACU experts have designed methods for cleaning area rugs of all kinds of fibers and materials
Quality tools and expert procedures assure professional results for every area rug cleaning