Persian Rug Cleaning By Advanced Carpet’s Experienced Technicians

Persian rugs are an intricate and beautiful addition to any room. Persian rugs are made specifically in Iran by trained artisans. They differ from rugs from other countries by the style of knot that is used in the weave of the fabric. Cleaning Persian rugs can be nearly as sophisticated as the designs on the rugs themselves. Persian rugs are usually made from wool, but cotton rugs are also seen. The type of wool that Persian rugs are made from can vary as well. Some Persian rugs are made from silk, but these are generally older, very expensive antiques and are less durable than those rugs made from wool. They are quite rare and are often displayed as wall hangings instead of used as floor rugs due to their value.

Maintain your Persian rug through proper cleaning and care

There are many variables within the construction of a Persian rug that must be taken into account before cleaning. Our many years of experience cleaning Persian rugs allows Advanced Carpet and Rug cleaning to determine where it was made, the type of pile, the type of weave, the dyes used, and the overall condition. Our technicians have been trained and certified by IICRC and have years of real world experience with fine rugs and carpets.

Before starting any Persian rug cleaning, our technicians inspect the rug for tears or any damage which could be worsened by the cleaning process. Any necessary repairs are done before starting.
The rug is dusted, using a specialized dusting machine to loosen and remove dirt particles from the inside and surface of the rug. The rug is placed in fresh water mixed with a specifically formulated solution for the materials of your Persian rug. This is to ensure the dyes are unaffected by the process. We take extra care when cleaning antique and heirloom rugs. We prefer hand brushing methods to preserve the delicate structure and pile of the rug. Finally the rug is rinsed and hung in a climate controlled room with an array of fans to allow for quick, even drying. Once the main portion of the rug is clean, our experts focus on the fringe to return it to its original color.

Fine Persian rugs benefit greatly from hand washing and drying as the fibers in these rugs respond poorly to harsh chemicals. When cleaning a Persian rug, using hot steam to extract dirt is not recommended. That is effective for wall to wall carpets which have fibers made with synthetic materials. Using this method to clean Persian rugs that have natural fibers such as wool and cashmere causes them to absorb much more water. This can cause warping and is not as effective in removing dirt from the rug. A multistep rug cleaning process is the most effective and safest way to keep your Persian rug clean and in good condition for a lifetime.

Persian rug cleaning at ACU gently rejuvenates fibers, dyes and intricate patterns
specialized Persian rug cleaning process
Rug during the Persian rug cleaning process
Fully clean rug after the Persian rug cleaning by Advanced